5 Halloween Costumes with Glasses

Do you wear prescription glasses? Are you dreading the idea of coming up with a Halloween costume? Halloween can be a stressful time for those of us who wear glasses. No worries; it’s not too late! Dr. Kye Mansfield has you covered with some costume ideas that will keep you looking fashionable and having fun!

1. Barb from Stranger Things

Image result for barb stranger things

Season 3 of Stranger things is on the horizon for next summer, according to this article. Keep the anticipation alive until then by celebrating your favorite character this Halloween! Grab a plaid shirt and some oversized glasses and you are good to go!

2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Halloween Costume

Who makes glasses look better than Harry Potter? And, better yet, what’s a more Halloween-themed costume than the cursed boy himself? So grab a Hogwarts cape and a wand and watch out for Voldemort!

3. Where’s Waldo

Image result for waldo

Red and white stripes are where its at! Simple, but easily recognizable. Just wear blue jeans, and a striped shirt, and start blending in with the masses! This is also a great couple’s costume!

4. Velma

This mother-son duo dressed up as Velma and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo! Best part? Those are real prescription glasses! This is a low budget costume that puts you in one of the best colors for the season. Simply grab an orange turtle neck, red skirt, and you’re good to go; Shaggy and Scooby Doo optional!

5. Clark Kent


If a Super Hero can get away with glasses then you can certainly win Halloween! You can never go wrong with this classic! Rather than going for the full cape and tights, try the disguise look: Put a Superman shirt on under a button-down and drape a tie over your shoulder with the buttons open just enough to reveal the Superman sign. Winning!


Have a Happy Halloween, Everyone!